Various Chunklet Magazine Presents: Brother Versus Brother

Ever wonder what would happen if a Civil War re-enactment clashed with indie rock? Me neither, but Chunklet Magazine sure did and the results make for a hilarious film. Shot last year at the South By Southwest music conference, Brother Versus Brother grills band members from Trans Am, Shellac, Dismemberment Plan, Superchunk and Ted Leo, as well as employees from Jade Tree, Gearhead and Secretly Canadian, to see whether they're Yankees or Rebels. The line of questioning alone makes this an amusing watch, as interviewees are subjected to queries like, "If the Civil War was fought today with rock music, who would win — the North or South?" and "Onstage with your band, what would you rather have to deal with — dysentery or scurvy?" Unforgettable moments include Danielson Famile member Daniel Smith claiming neutrality, Mark Eitzel being labelled as the "next G.G. Allin" for choosing dysentery and Jade Tree's Darren Walters admitting record label interns are modern day slaves. Plus: full interviews with Superchunk's Jon Wurster and Gearhead's Mike LaVella. (Chunklet,