Various Choice of a New Generation - An Underground Tribute to Brutal Tr

Brutal Truth was and will forever remain one of my favourite bands. Their mix of grindcore, hardcore and metal with intelligent lyrics made them one of the most unique and inspirational bands around. So, like the Black Sabbath tribute albums, this one does need to exist (unlike many, many others). There are 28 songs in 75 minutes, so it's pretty overwhelming and there are plenty of bands that just replicate the original version in their own individual and inferior way, which just make you want to turn it off and put on the originals. However, bands like No Rest For the Dead, who cover "Fisting" and "Godplayer" in a truly insane stoner/grindcore medley, and Suzuki Kid (a techno/noise version of "Homesick"!), among many others, make this an enjoyable listen. Most Brutal Truth fans are pretty fanatical about the band and if that's you, pick this up. (Zero Negative)