Various Caipirissima: Batucada Electronica

So often when the electronic musical process collides with a global musical culture, the urge to smooth over regional differences in the name of the breakbeat obliterates the desire to preserve cultural identities. That could never happen in Brazil. Its musical culture has been distinguished by a constantly evolving revolutionary sensibility since the days of bossa nova more than 40 years ago. Batucada Electronica features 13 artists who do not sacrifice the brilliance of Brazilian contributions in rhythmic organisation, inventive song structures and socio-political attitude for American or British-style beats. There are both subtle loops and rugged bursts of rhythm throughout Batucada Electronica. Very little of the music could be described as funk - which is a good thing. Tracks such as CYZ's "Zumbi" and DJ Dolores's "Monica No Samba" are all about far more enduring rhythmic forms than funk. Samba breaks abound and the different approaches to beat building ensure that Batucada Electronica is very dynamic. It's the kind of compilation where you might dislike certain tracks at first, only to have them grow on you because the songwriting is strong throughout. Definitely a provocative statement about where Brazil is at in the 21st century. (Caipirinha)