Various A Bugged Out Mix by Erol Alkan

As the founder and resident DJ of London, England’s influential indie club night Trash and a renowned remixer for the likes of Death From Above 1979, Bloc Party and the Chemical Brothers, Erol Alkan has helped resuscitate dance music in the UK over the past few years. Alkan was at the forefront of the mash-up/bootleg craze (he created the classic New Order/Kylie hybrid) mingling indie, pop and rock with electro and house, and he’s finally agreed to compile his first commercially available mix disc through the Bugged Out series. On disc one, Alkan gives his lesson in modern dance floor goodies offering a selection of music that represents his wide and trend-setting tastes. His instant classic "Deaf Disco” reworking of Alter Ego’s "Rocker” is a standout moment with the death metal samples and occasional break-neck beat increases intensifying the heavy distorted electro-fied rock of the original. He doles out some great mash-ups too, mixing the a cappella vocal tracks of Simian, Goldfrapp and the Rapture over top of tunes by Etienne de Crecy, New Fast Automatic Daffodils and Wink. Alkan hasn’t neglected the comedown after the club either. Disc two is an equally outstanding comp with blissful mellow cuts designed to relax and rock you to sleep. While he’s dug deep into his crate for some obscure beauties (Wimple Winch, Rare Bird, Imagination), he uses two recent and gorgeous covers to bring the feeling of true paradise — the Concretes’ "Miss You” and Trespassers William’s "Vapour Trail.” Unquestionably, Alkan has crafted the mix album of the year. (Resist)