Various Art of Field Recording: 50 Years Of Traditional Music Documented By Art Rosenbaum

A sampler for an upcoming box set, this collection of traditional American music is the work of musician/collector/painter Art Rosenbaum and photographer Margo Rosenbaum, whose stark images accompany the songs. An early practitioner of DIY, who made his first field recording in 1956, Rosenbaum was an avid collector of folk music and set out on the road, inspired by the work of Alan Lomax and other documentarians of the folk tradition. As this preview suggests, Rosenbaum’s box set will contain discs of religious music, dance and social music, blues, ballads and story songs, many of which feature unaccompanied singing. A number of the recordings are from the late 1970s to mid-’80s, and one of the most interesting songs, "Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down,” was recorded in Georgia in 2006. Another striking moment is the 1960 recording of Shirley Griffith performing "Big Road Blues.” The sampler comes with informative liner notes by Rosenbaum that detail his personal history in the art of field recording and give a good peek at what one can expect in the full box set. (Dust-to-Digital)