Various American Hardcore

Comments aside on the issues of how facts, history and other meaningless drivel were misrepresented in the cinematic version of American Hardcore, the point still remains that at least a few geezers got to wax nostalgic, some greenhorns gained insight and a layer of whitewash has come off the scene. People remember that the original hardcore wasn’t such a cakewalk. Even better, putting the whole celluloid thing aside, this accompaniment disc plays out not only like a who’s-who of the First Wave thanks to songs from Black Flag, Bad Brains, D.O.A., D.R.I., Flipper, Cro-Mags, Negative Approach and more, but also plays out like that one unforgettable mix-tape you made in high school, never got sick of and could chant along to endlessly. Featuring 26 songs from a variety of scenesters, American Hardcore is just like it should be: short, abrasive, fast and furious. It blasts away without respite and still leaves one wanting more. And there’s something for everyone as a few previously-unreleased gems tide over the old schoolers and fresh faces are dealt a stellar throwdown without having to wade through shit like experimental years and offshoots. (Rhino)