Various Acuarela Songs 2

Upping the ante from last year's two-CD compilation, Acuarela Songs, Acuarela Records ups the disc count for a three-CD set. Every act may not be on the label's roster, but it's hard to argue that any of them are out of place here. With a total of 39 songs, it takes some time to get through the whole thing, especially when you constantly have to resort to the sleeve to see who is singing what. Acuarela has reeled in accomplished acts like Windsor For The Derby, L'Altra, Migala, James William Hindle and even Lee Ranaldo. And while most songs are fairly low-key and quiet affairs, they are definitely not short on talent. Hindle's beguiling acoustic love is one of the album's shining moments, while L'Altra do a fabulous cover of Donovan's "Colours," and Ranaldo's contribution is an interesting one to say the least. Every song deserves recognition because there aren't any real stinkers. It's best to just find a copy and witness yourself how well this Spanish label can put together a compilation. (Acuarela)