Various Visage Musique Sampler

Various Visage Musique Sampler
Like many other indie record companies of its ilk, the Montreal-based label Visage Musique has released a sampler featuring material by an assortment of associated artists. Unlike most other label compilations, however, a press release notes that Volume 1 "was put together by all the artists involved using new and unreleased material with the idea of creating a cohesive album."

What resulted is a ten-song LP that includes "frost-bitten minimal synth, forlorn disco noir, shamanic musings, late-night instrumental italo beats, trilingualism and paranoid cold-wave frenetics."

You can download it for free from Bandcamp or buy a limited edition CD right here. Listen to the whole thing below, or check out a video teaser at the bottom of the page.

Volume 1:

1. Gold Zebra - "Away Pt.1"
2. Brusque Twins - "What Else Is There To Say?"
3. Police Des Moeurs - "Incertitude et démission"
4. Tony Cops - "Eventide"
5. Femminelli - "Hotel Suite"
6. Gold Zebra - "Back in the Dust"
7. Brusque Twins - "Stone Communication"
8. Tony Cops - "Corvere (Instrumental)"
9. Gold Zebra - "Love, French, Better
10. Police Des Moeurs - "Monde fallacieux (Extended)"

VOLUME 1 teaser from VISAGE MUSIQUE on Vimeo.