Various Songs for the Gang: Thrush Hermit Tribute

Last year’s Inbreds tribute, Wanna Be Your Friend, seems to have kick-started a series by Ingersoll, ON’s Gooseberry Records, returning with another that focuses on Halifax power pop favourites Thrush Hermit. Songs for the Gang rounds up 18 of the Hermit’s faithful for an endearing run-through of selections from their beloved songbook. Like most compilations of this sort, there are those who look to put their own spin on the originals and those who merely try to stay true. It’s hard to argue there were any artists chosen that don’t give their all but the best renditions come from those that switch it up a little. Rebekah Higgs coats "From the Back of the Film” with sugar, using her twee voice and blaring horns to give it new life. Laura Borealis sucks the zip out of "French Inhale” effectively, with acoustic guitars and a gothy aura. Olympic Stadium, led by grade school kids, feed the emo "Puerto Rico” newfound passion, lifted by only a guitar and piano. The Leather Upper’s Greg Tymoshenko reduces "Noosed & Haloed Swear Words” to a bleeding blues tune. And injecting a heaping teaspoon of energy into "Oh Man (What to Do?)” are the Superfantastics, with glowing results. Up next are tributes for Superfriendz and Eric’s Trip, both of which I can imagine will provide just as flattering results. (Gooseberry)