Various Electric Cowbell Records Presents: 101 Things to Do in Bongolia

Strangely, 101 Things to Do in Bongolia features zero artists from Mongolia and very little bongo. In fact, this 17-track compilation contains digital releases from Brooklyn, NY vinyl-45-only record label Electric Cowbell. A true mixed bag of world, funk, dance, klezmer and outsider music, Bongolia is a rare label showcase that never comes off as tiresome or meek. The comp includes fascinating contributions from Stuart D. Bogie's (Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra and Iron & Wine) group, Superhuman Happiness, who put forth five tight-as-shit world beat jams, and Adele and Aloe Blacc songwriters Clay Holley and Jeff Dynamite (as Spanish Fly), on jazzy call-and-response instrumental "Let My People Bugalu." Former Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn and Sahr Ngaujah (who plays Fela Kuti on Broadway) close off the album, blending spaghetti western with unadulterated Afro-funk. Electric Cowbell does a wonderful job promoting its M.O. on 101 Things to Do in Bongolia, proving that world music has become as incorporated as the world itself. (Electric Cowbell)