Various Covering 20 Years Of Extremes

That which looks good on paper rarely makes the transition into a great finished product. In the case of this album, which celebrates 20 years of Century Media, the double-disc compilation of current roster artists covering tracks from Century Media’s deep history is almost there. However, given the vast array of sub-genre acts, there’s bound to be some terrific material countered by that which necessitates hovering over the skip button. Arch Enemy’s inspired take on Dream Evil’s "The Book Of Heavy Metal” is astounding (naturally Dream Evil cover Arch Enemy via "Let The Killing Begin”), Napalm Death tear through Despair’s "Outconditioned” and Hellhammer’s "Messiah,” and Fu Manchu take a sweet run at Penance’s "Words To Live By.” Of course the entire affair is subjective, depending on one’s opinion of the likes of Heaven Shall Burn, Shadows Fall, Aborted, Terror, Zimmer’s Hole, Cryptopsy and virtually every other band on Century Media today. Regardless, with 32 tracks and over two hours of material, you’re certain to find at least a regular album’s worth of entertainment. (Century Media)