Various Cosmic Balearic Beats Vol. 1

With Balearic being all the rage right now, it only makes sense for the floodgates to open with waves of various compilations both vintage and new. The respectable Eskimo label kicks off their Cosmic Balearic Beats series with a volume comprised of contemporary producers putting their spin on the interstellar club sound. What’s immediate with this comp is how much variety there is in the Balearic community: Lullabies in the Dark adopt a cutting electro angle; In Flagranti come at it with an aggressive space disco spin; Bottin utilizes the gentler side of space disco; and Lovelock slow it down to a molasses-thick funk slide. You’d expect some friction between these personalities but this variety doesn’t halt or disrupt the streaming mix, leaving the intergalactic paradise wide open to take in. Who knows whether this harmony can last throughout the series but this introduction shows there’s plenty of potential for a righteous collection of Balearic’s best. (Eskimo)