Various BNR Vol. 1

If you were waiting for Alexander Ridha to end his maximalist phase, you likely quit holding your breath long ago. In the German producer’s four years as Boys Noize, he’s rarely strayed from his gritty, balls-to-the-wall vision of electrofied techno, dishing out the bangers fast and furious, yet with a bit of class. Now, Ridha’s Boynoize Records (aka "the German Ed Banger”) further reinforces this stubborn but dedicated vision with BNR Vol. 1, the label’s first comp. Through two discs and 30 tracks, BNR lays on the party-pumpers good and thick, courtesy of originals and remixes by the imprint’s D.I.M., Housemeister, Darmstadt, Shadow Dancer and of course, Boys Noize, among others. And while, for better or worse, this hard-hitting collection is exactly what you’d expect, the mix hardly offers much in the variety department, with Ridha’s recruits sticking close to his in-your-face aesthetic and often sounding a bit like Boys Noize-lite. Nevertheless, if you’re itching to take it to the maximal, you need not look further than BNR Vol. 1. (Boysnoize)