Various Bloodstains Across British Columbia

Various <i>Bloodstains Across British Columbia</i>
As previously reported, Lethbridge, AB imprint Mammoth Cave Recording Co. is gearing up to release Bloodstains Across British Columbia, the second seven-inch in their cross-Canada record series. Now, the imprint has been kind enough to stream the entire record.

The 13-track release is an excellent litmus test of Vancouver's current underground, with garage bands like Timecopz and Needles//Pins colliding with the sludgy doom metal of Ahna and the noise rock of Shipyards. Nü Sensae offer up their quietest, most brooding track yet with opener "Tea Swamp Park," while B-Lines shred their vocal cords in precipitation anthem "It Rains."

Stream the Bloodstains Across British Columbia compilation in its entirety below and keep an eye out for a pre-order in the Mammoth Cave shop.

A side:

1. Nu Sensae - "Tea Swamp Park"

2. Role Mach - "Sun Yat Sen"

3. White Lung - "Deadbeat Sun"

4. Shearing Pinx - "Golden Spruce"

5. Ahna - "Old Ones"

6. Shipyards - "Kool Treat, Cool Treet"

7. Needles//Pins - "My Politics"

B side:

 1. B-Lines - "It Rains"

2. Manic Attracts - "Dead City"

3. Indian Wars - "Get to the Point"

4. Yung Mums - "BC Budz"

5. Timecopz - "Laptop DJ's"

6. Student/Teacher - "Eco-Babes"

Bloodstains Across British Columbia 7" by MammothCave