Various A Peanuts Christmas: The 2009 Zunior Holiday Album

Various <i>A Peanuts Christmas: The 2009 Zunior Holiday Album</i>
TRACK OF THE DAY: With their myriad compilation freebies and special sales, frequently exhibits the spirit of giving, but its latest venture is a particularly poignant gift. Featuring a host of independent Canadian musical luminaries, A Peanuts Christmas is a full-on tribute to the album A Charlie Brown Christmas, composed by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. The familiar songs are interpreted by the likes of Mike O'Neill, Don Kerr, Dave Clark, Wayne Petti, Dave Merritt and the Quiet Revolution, the Awkward Stage, Ben Gunning, Jill Barber, the Violet Archers, Construction and Destruction, and Ruth Minnikin, amongst others. The result is an off-kilter, lo-fi version of a classic record that's whimsically refreshing in every way.

With 100-percent of sales of this $8.88 album donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank, there's no way for music fans to lose by picking up a copy of A Peanuts Christmas and playing this mostly instrumental album during holiday gatherings this year. You're a good man, Zunior Brown.

Listen to A Peanuts Christmas: The 2009 Zunior Holiday Album here.