Vancouver's Red Herring Prep First New Record in 35 Years

Listen to "The Brain Song" from the forthcoming 'Neon' EP
Vancouver's Red Herring Prep First New Record in 35 Years
Vancouver art-rock vets Red Herring have returned with plans for their first release in over 35 years. Comprising both new and older unreleased material, the band's Neon EP is scheduled to arrive on November 6.

Today, they've have shared the first cut from the record in a track titled "The Brain Song."

"The brain is locked inside the skull where life is very dull / Jammed like slugs in Tupperware / It's squirming to get out, out, out," sings vocalist Enrico Renz, who described the track as "an educational piece out to deliver the definitive lowdown on the ins and outs of physical intimacy."

Meanwhile, the rest of the record promises "driving, imaginative soundscapes [that] mesh with taught, refreshing lyrics to make every song feel like a scene in a David Lynch movie."

Neon reunites Red Herring's original '80s lineup, including Renz on guitar and vocals, Stephen Nikleva on guitar, Martin Walton on bass and Steve Lazin on drums, plus the addition of former collaborator Id Guinness on keys and Tanya Gosgnatch doing backup vocals. 

While the band have been keeping busy performing regularly in the Vancouver area over the last few decades, their latest studio release was 1985's Taste Tests.

"I get the feeling that we got back together again because we all believe that the best is yet to come," Renz told The Big Take-Over of their live reunion in 2013. "We just had to take a break for a couple of decades to go gather more skills and experiences to throw into the soup."

Listen to "The Brain Song" below, where you can also find the EP's tracklisting.


1. The Brain Song
2. Chin Up
3. Neon
4. Julia
5. Savages
6. Shaker

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