Vancouver's Oh Wells Announce New EP

Vancouver's Oh Wells Announce New EP
White Rock, BC-bred pop softies the Oh Wells showed an affinity for dainty mandolin and keyboard jams earlier this year with their The EP That We Love, and the band will deliver some more cutesy cuts by month's end on their follow-up EP, Not That Girl From Transformers.

The outfit announced in a press release that their next set of ooey-gooey indie pop drops on November 23, coinciding with a gig at the Cobalt in Vancouver. The five-song affair contains three re-recorded numbers ("Closure," "I Hate the Sun" and "Is It Too Late to Apologize") and finds the troupe musing on being an awkward outsider. Topics covered including obsessing over Harry Potter and heading out to dance clubs for fear of dying alone.

"Our lyrics are focused on self-esteem and individuality, and we hope that through our music, we can act as supportive role models for those girls and boys who feel like they don't fit in," the group said in a statement. "We're not being cheesy. We just know that trying to be Megan Fox everyday is exhausting."

Not That Girl from Transformers:

1. "Closure"
2. "Dance With You"
3. "I Hate The Sun"
4. "Is It Too Late To Apologize"
5. "Out Of Love"