Vancouver's the Nautical Miles Announce 'Ode to Joy'

Vancouver's the Nautical Miles Announce 'Ode to Joy'
Burnaby, BC's Hive studio recently closed its doors, but we're still hearing new albums recorded at the celebrated facility. This includes the latest album by Vancouver's the Nautical Miles, Ode to Joy, which is due out on February 25.

The album was recorded with the Hive's Jesse Gander (Japandroids, the Pack A.D.) between February and June of this year. It reportedly finds the band expanding the boundaries of their rootsy alt-folk sound.

The songs were written in 2012 when the band's principal songwriter, Corbin Murdoch, went on a six-month journey and ended up penning tunes in Bogota, Colombia, Timbuktu, Mali, and Bruno, SK.

According to a press release, "Much more than a travelogue, the album is a reflection on the very different orientations to the future that exist outside of the North American context. The result is a jubilant appeal for joyful rebellion and for taking the future back from those that tell us it does not exist."

This is the band's third full-length overall. See the tracklist below and scroll past that to hear the harmonized atmospheric folk rock number "Shadowside."

Also below, see the group's upcoming live schedule, which is currently based entirely in Vancouver.

Ode to Joy:

1. Be Embraced, Ye Millions!
2. All This Talk About Endings
3. Shadowside
4. Love's Little Sister
5. A Nation In Silhouette
6. Summerlegs
7. In The Love Of Joys Unknown
8. Brothers In Arms
9. St. Petersburg
10. Naming Rights
11. To Hazel
12. The Lost Generation

Tour dates:

11/07 Vancouver, BC - Media Club * (album release show)
11/29-30 Vancouver, BC - The Emerald ^
12/07 Vancouver, BC - St. James Community Square (Vancouver Folk Music Festival fundraiser)

* with the Broken Mirrors, Old Cabin, Corey Isenor
^ with Ryan Guldemond, Hannah Epperson, CR Avery