Vancouver's Fugitives Struck with "Sade Infection" After Factory Slip-Up Gives Fans R&B Star's Soldier of Love Instead of Band's New Album

Vancouver's Fugitives Struck with 'Sade Infection' After Factory Slip-Up Gives Fans R&B Star's <i>Soldier of Love</i> Instead of Band's New Album
Some fans of Vancouver indie roots rockers the Fugitives got a bit of a surprise when they went to pick up the band's new CD, Eccentrically We Love, which was released on March 23. The CD that was awaiting for them once they opened up that packaging was not the Fugitives. In fact, it wasn't even close.

Instead of Eccentrically We Love, what Fugitive fans got was Sade's new disc, Soldier of Love, presumably due to a press plant slip-up.

After cracking open a bunch of their CDs, the band estimated they were dealing with "about a 25 percent Sade infection," says the press release. Apparently, the mixed-up CDs are spread randomly throughout an order of 2,000 Fugitives discs.

The Fugitives saw the good in the situation pretty quickly. "The bright side is that our CD is probably in some of Sade's albums," Fugitive Barbara Adler said in the press release. "We might finally have international distribution."

The band will replace any Sade CDs that show up and will alert crowds at their upcoming shows to the potential for a problem when they're buying the album. Plans to cover a Sade song are also now in the works.

Tour dates:

4/1 Winnipeg, MB - The West End Cultural Centre

4/3 Thunder Bay, ON - The Apollo Bar

4/6 Toronto, ON - Garrison

4/7 London, ON - London Music Club

4/8 Guelph, ON - Jimmy Jazz

4/9 Wakefield, QC - The Black Sheep Inn

4/10 Montreal, QC - Le Divan Orange

4/12 Kingston, ON - The Mansion

4/15 Charlottetown, PE - Baba's

4/16 Halifax, NS - The Company House

4/17 Saint John, NB - Peppers Pub

4/20 Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Lop lops

4/24 Saskatoon, SK - Lydia's Loft

4/25 Edmonton, AB - The Artery

4/28 Lethbridge, AB - Henotic

4/30 Calgary, AB - Auburn Saloon for the Calgary International Festival of Spoken Word