Vancouver's Factories and Alleyways Announce 'Canadiana'

Vancouver's Factories and Alleyways Announce 'Canadiana'
Some of the members of Vancouver's Factories and Alleyways used to play around town in the rock band Like a Martyr, but for the last couple of years, they've been heading in a more rootsy direction. This has culminated in an album from the new project called Canadiana, which will drop on June 25.

The album was recorded at Burnaby, BC's soon-to-be-relocated Hive Creative Labs. It was self-produced by the four-piece with engineering duties handled by local studio whiz Jesse Gander (Japandroids, the Pack A.D.). The drums, bass and rhythm guitar were all tracked live off the floor, while vocal harmonies were sung together around a single microphone in order to capture an intimate energy.

Speaking to Exclaim!, Factories and Alleyways explained that the band have typically referred to their music as "Americana," but their distinctly Canadian sound inspired the album's patriotic title. Sonic touchstones include the Band, CSNY, Bruce Springsteen and Whiskeytown.

That album cover is above and the 10-song tracklist is below. As fans may notice, some of these songs previously appeared on the band's self-titled 2012 EP. The rest of the songs are from a separate, unreleased EP.

Scroll past the tracklist to hear a three-song sampler, which features the blue collar folk rocker "Without a Buck," the harmony-filled campfire number "Hallelujah" and the atmospherically pitter-pattering "The Back Door."

Factories and Alleyways:

1. Without a Buck
2. 1000 Beers
3. Pass Along
4. The Back Door
5. Hallelujah
6. Right Now
7. My Brother
8. Sing to Me
9. Lonely Road
10. Life Is Now