Vancouver Heavy Metal Retailer Scrape Records Goes Up for Sale

Vancouver Heavy Metal Retailer Scrape Records Goes Up for Sale
If you're looking to change your career path, have you ever considered running your very own all-metal record store? If so, keep tabs on Vancouver's Scrape Records, whose owner is looking to sell off the business after 18 years of hocking headbanging material to the city's metal masses.

CBC reports that shopkeep J.J. is looking to move on with his life and leave behind Scrape, which has specialized in selling all styles of metal CD and LPs since the late '90s. It currently sits at 323 East Broadway in Vancouver.

While J.J.'s since committed to exiting the business, he's still hoping the Scrape brand will live on. As such, he's seeking business-minded metal warriors to take over the store and its current stock.

"I haven't been in any urgency to close the store," he told CBC, "but since I've made that decision I would still like to keep that possibility and future out there for somebody to carry on the store and keep the spirit of what the store is moving forward."

J.J. added that even though the music industry has seen tough times over the last several years, Scrape has remained profitable due to a loyal clientele. Metal fans are apparently a dedicated bunch.

"There's gonna be people who are fine with streaming music, downloading music, stealing music, and for some people, that's fine," J.J. said, "but there's such a core base that appreciate not only the value of owning the physical product, [but also knowing] that it's important to support these bands."

There's already interest in the business, with a bunch of local metalheads having planned an "investor's meeting" for today (November 29) at a Waves coffee shop. One of its many goals is to find people "interested in pooling capital with several investors to help save Vancouver's only metal-only record store."

If you have good credit, love metal, and have some business savvy, you can find out more about the meeting over here.

You can find out more about Scrape Records over here.