Vancouver Label Red Gate Recordings Launches with Split from Holzkopf and Mindkontrolultra

Vancouver Label Red Gate Recordings Launches with Split from Holzkopf and Mindkontrolultra
Beloved Vancouver venue Red Gate has started its own record label, and the first release on Red Gate Recordings has now been announced. It's a split between long-running Vancouver noise artist Holzkopf and Calgary-based beatmaker Mindkontrolultra, and it's due out tomorrow (September 11).

The artists each get one side of a 12-inch, 45 rpm vinyl record. Holzkopf's half dates back to 2011; the drum parts were written during a European tour, and the instruments were laid down back at home at Roy G Biv Studios. A press release calls this "the only multi-tracked and high-quality document of the noise-beat/gospel era of Holzkopf."

Holzkopf no longer makes this type of music, and the musician said in a statement:

I stopped this sound because it was getting over the top. Delving into a dark space, smoking, drinking and screaming. Bruises on my knees, the taste of blood in my mouth for the better part of tours. Fun, maybe. Ego, maybe. A purging of anxiety, definitely. It was a trance. It would require a lot of emotional prep and a lot of come down. It wasn't sustainable. I've decided to focus more on technique now, scale down the showmanship: let the sounds speak. But I miss this. Harsh pains in my throat and sore body lifting me into another time and place and exhaling until I cease to exist.

While Holzkopf's side consists of a single 19-minute track, Mindkontrolultra's side has five songs. This heavily percussive back half is said to contain "minimalist tracks for big spliffing on the dance floor." These are a little slower in tempo that the musician's usual work.

Somewhat strangely, the record is available in a run of 228. Vinyl copies can be ordered here, while the whole thing can be heard streaming below.

Holzkopf has some upcoming Canadian dates as well, and you can check those out below.

Holzkopf/Mindkontrolultra split 12-inch:

1. Holzkopf - Something New / Bopped on the Head"
2. Mindkontrolultra - "The Story"
3. Mindkontrolultra - "Elevens"
4. Mindkontrolultra - "Still Suck"
5. Mindkontrolultra - "Cryptoeugenics"
6. Mindkontrolultra - "Barrington"

Tour dates:

09/13 Vancouver, BC - Angura *
10/13 Kingston, ON - The Artel ^
10/17 Montreal, QC - La Plant ^
10/18 Toronto, ON - The Handlebar ^
10/19 London, ON - Vibrafusionlab ^

* with Hitori Tori, Lootcanal, Lisa Frank
^ with Bruzgynai