Van DeLecki's Ebum Shoobum Shoobum

The Van DeLecki's follow that long showbiz tradition of having two people pretend that they are blood brothers just so they have a fake story to tell. It isn't a very good story, so just gloss over that and concentrate on something a little bit more important - the music. It's harmony-laden power pop and, for a duo, they sound remarkably rounded and polished. Ebum Shoobum Shoobum may be only their second album, but both Jamie Hoover and Bryan Shumate have spent years making music elsewhere. Those accumulated years have probably helped to cultivate their pop sensibilities and their ear for a good tune. And this is an album that had more than its fair share of good tunes, too - there are a few here that will have you singing along. There are problems, though. They seem to go out of their way to make every pair of lines rhyme at any cost and that leads to some unbelievable nasty couplets. Fortunately, the tunes more than redeem the Van Delecki's (for the most part) and that makes Ebum Shoobum Shoobum one of the better power pop offerings of the last little while. (Permanent Press)