'The Vampire Diaries,' 'X' and 'The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D' Lead This Week's DVD Roundup

'The Vampire Diaries,' 'X' and 'The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D' Lead This Week's DVD Roundup
This week's DVD roundup brings a plethora of entertainment for teenage girls, with a side of thriller and a dip into old favourites. Check out all these reviews in our Recently Reviewed section.

To start off, we have the epitome of a teenage girls' top picks. First, we have Gossip Girl: The Complete Forth Season on DVD. The rich bitches of the Upper East Side are back with new cast members plotting old schemes.

Earning an Exclaim! Mark of Excellence, The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Second Season (pictured) is also available, and although it's a teen drama, be sure to expect blood and violence, along with the usual love triangle. Also reviewed is the Disney movie, Prom, about the end-of-high-school celebration where the main conflict is whether or not the protagonist, played by Nova Prescott, will dance with the bad boy of her dreams.

Moving away from the teen spectrum, we have two films about people from different worlds coming together. First, the pseudo-feminist thriller, X, about two prostitutes from opposite ends of the class spectrum who form a bond after crossing paths. Another heavy narrative for this week is The Good Heart. It tells the story of a cynical, angry bar owner who takes a homeless, sweet- natured boy under his wing.

We also have reviews on some old favourites. Tim Burton's classic, dark Christmas musical, The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D is now available on Blu-ray. The three-disc package includes many extra features, perfect for Burton fans. Another favourite is the veteran of all cop shows, Police Story: Season One. This 1973 classic came long before the CSI of our generation.

Lastly, we have Trailers From Hell! Volume Two. Based on the website, Trailers From Hell! features multiple movies trailers, some with director commentary and special features.

To read the full reviews of the DVDs mentioned above, as well as many others, check out the Recently Reviewed section of Exclaim.ca.