Usher "Still Got It" (ft. Migos, prod. by Zaytoven)

Usher 'Still Got It' (ft. Migos, prod. by Zaytoven)
While one could argue Usher's Cheerios cross-promotion was a, ahem, "Clueless" move, the R&B figure is back with a new single to prove he's "Still Got It."

Backed by a digital hi-hat-assaulting Zaytoven beat, the track has Usher crooning his assertion that he hasn't fell off. To prove this, he tunefully points to a bed full of girls, the opportunity to have a shower with him at anytime and how he still hits the club hard. Willing to spread the shine, he also has Migos adding to the track.

You can decide for yourself is Usher's still got it by giving the song a stream down below. The release of his in-the-works UR has yet to be determined.