U.Seed The Black Ink

Despite forming in early 1993 and garnering great respect from their peers, U.Seed have remained in the undercurrent (read: they’re unknown) in punk rock. This issue was aggravated when, due to an unfortunate accident, the band were sidelined on their 10-year anniversary. However, The Black Ink finds them back at it again, delivering more of their warped punk: a Sick Of It All-inspired meaty hardcore backbone countered by the speedy pacing and melodic (almost to the point of overwrought) vocals. The latter comparison tends to elicit thoughts of Good Riddance in their heyday, although with a touch more vitriol and unbridled energy, especially seeing as the impromptu hiatus has clearly created a stronger burning in the band than ever before. Overall, as far as return efforts go, The Black Ink is moderately hampered by an aura of lost ground. Songs that may have had more impact almost a half-decade ago have been overshadowed by current heavier trends in the scene. Still, with the passion and energy put forth on tracks such as opener "Berserker,” "The Best of You” and "Straight Ahead,” one can forgive the lack of progression. The heart is there and moving forward will surely follow quickly. (Freedumb)