U.S. Prisoners Sue Over Christmas Playlist

U.S. Prisoners Sue Over Christmas Playlist
Getting tired of Christmas music is as much a holiday tradition as turkey or Santa Claus. Every year, stores start pumping seasonal classics as early as November, meaning that by the time Christmas rolls around, most people never want to be subjected to sleigh bells or children's choirs ever again. Well, one group is fed up and not going to take it anymore.

Asylum UK [via The Daily Swarm] reports that, this year, a group of inmates in Arizona are fighting back against their prison's Christmas playlist.

As usual, jail bosses have been playing holiday songs to the prisoners, a yearly tradition that they claim raises "a little Christmas cheer." However, several prisoners have responded by filing lawsuits against the prison, claiming that the music is a cruel and unusual punishment that forces their compliance in religious celebrations.

According to the sheriff's office, the lawsuits are not expected to succeed.

Now, if only shopping mall employees would file similar suits...