U.S. Girls Preps Slim Twig-Produced 'GEM'

U.S. Girls Preps Slim Twig-Produced 'GEM'
Earlier this year, eclectic Toronto songwriter Slim Twig announced that he had a slew of new projects in the works, including producing an album for Megan Remy's solo vehicle U.S. Girls. That album is called GEM, and it will be out on October 23 through Fat Cat Records.

While past U.S. Girls releases have frequently been murky and lo-fi, an announcement from the label notes that this release "[showcases] an 'improved' fidelity and an emphasis on directly delivered and strikingly present vocals."

It's said to contain band-oriented arrangements and "merges a fascination with glam rock as interpreted by the anti-excess of Patti Smith, an inverted take on Bolan's pop testosterone and the alienating abstraction of Throbbing Gristle."

The lead single is a cover of Brock Robinson's Jack the Ripper-inspired song "Jack," the arrangement of which was reportedly based on a version by Portland rockers Davana. Check out the soft-focus, sparkle-heavy video for that single below.

In a statement, Remy explained the influence of Davana's version of "Jack" like this: "They nailed it so Slim and I just duplicated it in a way, the only difference being that a woman is singing it...Jack the Ripper is now a woman."

Pre-order the album on vinyl, CD or as a digital download right here.