U.S. Girls "North on 45" (video)

U.S. Girls 'North on 45' (video)
We're less than a week away from the October 23 release date of U.S. Girls' Slim Twig-produced new album, GEM, and now songwriter Megan Remy has unveiled a video for the piano-led pop track "North on 45."

The simple clip shows a woman running along a rural dirt road wearing only her underwear while illuminated by a car's headlights. A press release explains, "This video is attempting to create an open narrative about a struggle for power. Is the woman running away or towards the lights? Can she be doing both? Don't we all at some point make the mistake of running towards a thing that harms us instead of running away from it?"

GEM will come out through Fat Cat Recods. Learn more about it here.