Urge Overkill Return with First New Album in 16 Years

Urge Overkill Return with First New Album in 16 Years
Though most people will probably remember Urge Overkill as the group that re-popularized Neil Diamond's "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" in Pulp Fiction, the Chicago band had more to offer the rock world than revamped lounge tunes. Back in their day, the group crafted a whip-crack combination of power pop hooks with a flair for fashion. Having dropped off the map for a number of years, the group are ready to take the plunge again with the announcement of a new album.

A post on the group's website explains that Rock & Roll Submarine, their first album in 16 years, is a return to form. We could whip up a handful of nautical witticisms for you, but the band pretty much covered everything in their note.

Here's what they had to say:

Urge Overkill are pleased to formally announce our long-awaited return from the depths of studio silence with a brand new offering: all aboard theRock&Roll Submarine! We are thrilled that this seaman's dozen o'fresh tracks reflect our time-tested love of all things both Musical and Nautical. And you can expect, loyal listener, the same-gauge torpedoes Urge Overkill has always delivered on target. This sure-to-be controversial recording is now entering its final stage of mixing, and our sonic-sonar is set to "STUN." So check our WarBoard for album updates, as we can't wait to submURGE and recruit some new mates on tour.


The album is set to be released April 26, though it's unclear which label will be issuing the record. While a tracklisting has yet to surface, you can grab the leaked track "Effigy" here for the price of an email address.