Urban Outfitters Isn't the World's Top Vinyl Retailer (Amazon Is)

Urban Outfitters Isn't the World's Top Vinyl Retailer (Amazon Is)
Last week, Urban Outfitters boss Calvin Hollinger claimed that his store was the world's number one vinyl seller. Well, Hollinger is now eating his words, since his declaration has been debunked by Billboard.

It seems that Amazon is the world's top vinyl retailer. This comes according to record label execs, and it corroborates Billboard's own study of the U.S. market, which determined that that Amazon sells around 12.3 percent of the country's vinyl.

To Urban Outfitters' credit, the store came in second with an 8.1 percent share of the market, which makes it the country's top brick-and-mortar store for vinyl. Rounding out the top five were Hastings Entertainment, Hot Topic and Trans World Entertainment.

While this only accounts for the U.S., Billboard notes that Amazon has a larger international presence than Urban Outfitters (since the bulk of Urban Outfitters locations are in the U.S.). In other words, it's extremely likely that Amazon outsells Urban Outfitters internationally as well.

Urban Outfitters did not respond to Billboard's request for a comment. Still, they probably aren't too upset: considering vinyl's booming sales figures in recent years, second best ain't bad.