Urban Blight More Reality

Urban Blight play pitch-perfect, pissed-off hardcore without any of the bullshit. Not unlike Toronto brethren Career Suicide or Brutal Knights, the band find kinship in early '80s hardcore, preferring the simplicity of fast thrash bursts and stomping breakdowns to modern wankery. Their debut twelve-inch follows their 2007 seven-inch on Deranged, with ten tracks of searing, red hot hardcore. Flipping the switch between mid-tempo circle pit starters like "Fake Attitudes" and ripping thrashers like "No Direction," the record shows the band's penchant for hardcore via the badass production of man-about-town Jonah Falco. Hilariously pressed to look like a gangsta rap single, this is one record that will dominate your turntable if you allow it. (Slasher)