Update: Phosphorescent Recovers $40,000 Worth of Stolen Gear

Update: Phosphorescent Recovers $40,000 Worth of Stolen Gear
When Phosphorescent (aka Matthew Houck) and his band called for the return of their stolen tour van, we didn't hold out much hope that it would actually work. With losses in equipment and merchandise totalling $40,000, the thieves appeared to have struck the jackpot, and the band's upcoming tour was thrown into jeopardy. Today (July 13), however, the New York Police department recovered Phosphorescent's van with all of the gear intact.

In a message titled "Recovered," posted this morning on MySpace, Houck wrote, "This is insane! The police have recovered the van and all of our gear is in there and appears to be un-damaged. Speechless right now."

The note added, "We will of course return everyone's generous donations. Thanks so much for your love and support!"

This good news comes shortly after the band announced the cancellation of dates in Toronto and Buffalo. Just yesterday (July 12), Houck wrote a lengthy message on MySpace, expressing his sadness at the loss and thanking his fans for their support (as well as quoting the YouTube "double rainbow" guy).

While equipment theft is unfortunately common, recovering all of the gear is almost unheard of.

Phosphorescent will resume the tour tonight in Columbus, OH.