Update: Chuck Biscuits' Death a Hoax?

Update: Chuck Biscuits' Death a Hoax?
Yesterday (October 29), we posted an obituary for Chuck Biscuits, the beloved hardcore punk fixture who, as a drummer, played with everyone from Vancouver punk pioneers like D.O.A. and the Pointed Sticks to legends like Danzig and Run DMC. According to a message circulated to media, Biscuits passed away after a long battle with throat cancer. Now, it's beginning to look like the whole thing was a hoax.

The announcement of Biscuits' death traces back to a blog called JG2, the personal blog of someone named James Greene Jr. His original post, announcing Biscuits' death, has since been updated numerous times with emails from various sources, including Biscuits' sister-in-law, claiming that he was still very much alive.

Similarly, a private post from the Facebook page of Biscuits' good friend Otis Link has been reposted in other areas, where Link said, "Not True to me until the dead guy sings! I can't keep up with the calls and the emails, here is what I know. Chuck sent me an email last night at 11:55 DEAD MEN DONT EMAIL! I talked with Bob, chucks brother today, Chucks family has not been notified of a death. Normally they are told if their brother or son is sick or dead. A rumor started in August about cancer, Chuck was fine then too."

Greene, who was the first to post the obituary for Biscuits, which later received international attention, has assured his readers that if this death announcement was some elaborate hoax, he certainly wasn't in on it.

"Although I can't imagine why a former member of Danzig would want to fake his own death via the Internet, I know plenty of people who severely dislike me and would take any chance they could to play on my gullibility to make me look as stupid as possible (i.e. e-mail me for six months pretending to be a dying drummer I admire)," he writes. "If this is all a big fat lie, I'm sorry, but I promise I was duped just as hard as you."

While the information is still a little hazy, it's safe to say that there's a pretty good chance that Biscuits is still alive, making this one of the most obscure celebrity death rumours we've heard in a while.