Update: Buyer of "World's Greatest Record Collection" Goes AWOL

Update: Buyer of 'World's Greatest Record Collection' Goes AWOL
While the eBay auction for the "world's greatest record collection" has officially ended, the three million records and 300,000 CDs might soon go back up on the block according to the latest development.

An update by The Daily Swarm is now saying the winner of the auction, who is set to pay $3,002,150 for the extensive collection, has apparently gone AWOL and is no longer registered as the eBay user ""jopsoup.” (A user becomes unregistered when they either cancel their account or get suspended by the powers at eBay, most often over prank bids and non-payment.) When the lawyer for owner/seller Paul Mawhinney attempted to make contact with the winning Irish bidder they discovered jopsoup was no longer listed on the site.

Where this ranks on eBay's list of most expensive pranks has not been reported, but we assume it's gotta be at least top five.