Unknown Mortal Orchestra "Can't Keep Checking My Phone" (video)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra 'Can't Keep Checking My Phone' (video)
Coming off a sick live performance on Conan, Portland indie pop players Unknown Mortal Orchestra have now fit their Multi-Love single "Can't Keep Checking My Phone" with a unique, health-examining music video.

Described by the band over Twitter as portraying "a series of strange modern sicknesses + phenomena," the video makes mention of a number of life-disturbing circumstances. For instance, have you been hyperventilating in your moon suit lately? Maybe you suffer from "meteorite sickness."

Also covered are a light therapy session, a bad bout of "Panphobia" and the sight of a coup d'├ętat. "Precarious Planet" has a naked woman cowering behind a boulder, so perhaps consider this one slightly NSFW.

You can peep the diseased via the Dimitri Basil-directed video down below.