Univox Univox

Based upon the speed that Univox's debut album comes hurtling right out of the gates, it would be fair to expect the 12 songs to fly by in similar fashion. But they don't, as this Philadelphia, PA band are all over the place, which is both entertaining and frustrating. There's absolutely no denying that opener "Pi" is a great slab of garage rock that's full of energy, and an entire album in a similar vein would have been just fine. Instead, it's tangent after tangent, with quieter acoustic numbers, the occasional country twang and eventually, a dark, morbid a cappella number ("All This Blood Came From My Heart") that will have everyone scratching their heads. It's hard to know just what Univox are trying to prove. Perhaps they want to demonstrate their mastery of many different styles, or just can't decide where they should focus. Whatever the case, it distracts from a decent debut that, from time to time, demonstrates a band that can rock in a very convincing manner. It's a pity they don't do it more often. (ROIR)