Uninspired Empire Uninspired Empire

Well, this one looks nice and emo, with its faded blue cover of a cityscape surrounded by stars. Uninspired Empire sound an awful lot like those Less Than Jake, but they have thankfully chosen to find their influence in the band’s earlier (and far, far better) material. UE certainly bring their own sound to the table on standout tracks like the blistering "Know My Name” and the ska-tastic "Hate.” Featuring both a trombone and a sax player, the horns seek to accent the music in an effective and subtle way, rather than drive it in a more traditional third-wave ska manner. It is apparent that UE’s focus lies in their songs, which exist far above the level of crud currently being produced by some bigger rock-with-horns bands. For any fan of energetic, melodic, and sincere-sounding pop punk ska, Uninspired Empire will prove a worthwhile listen. (Goblin)