Underoath Explain Split: "You Can Only Play Hardcore or Heavy Metal for So Long"

Underoath Explain Split: 'You Can Only Play Hardcore or Heavy Metal for So Long'
Underoath have already announced the details of their farewell tour and career-spanning Anthology 1999-2013. Now, singer Spencer Chamberlain has spoken out to explain why the act are calling it quits after a decade and a half in the business.

The primary reason for the split, he told Alternative Press, is due to the band members' family commitments. He explained, "The thing is, when we got home [from our last tour], some of the guys decided they couldn't tour full time any more due to families and kids. It's tough to afford all that. That's a lot of mouths to feed. People have houses and bills."

The band considered focusing solely on recording rather than touring, but ultimately decided to pack it in.

He also hinted that the musicians were growing tired of Underoath's somewhat limited stylistic palette, and they were interested in branching out beyond hardcore metal.

"Underoath have to be a heavy band — you have to be that," he said. "That's what side projects are for; because you have to be that and that was maybe a part of some of the guys not wanting to tour so much — because they can't do that anymore. You can only play hardcore or heavy metal for so long."

On the bright side, Chamberlain's interest in other styles has led him to start a new project. While he hasn't made an official announcement, he revealed that he has a new band and is working on around 30 songs. These will reportedly sound very different from Underoath, and he admitted, "Some of the fans will come with me, but some of them will probably be mad at me."

What's more, the band have record two final songs that Chamberlain promised are "the best Underoath tracks we've ever recorded." These appear on Anthology.

See the band's farewell tour schedule here.