Umberto Preps 'Confrontations' for Not Not Fun

Umberto Preps 'Confrontations' for Not Not Fun
Last week, we got to hear "The Investigation," the first taste of Umberto's Rock Action debut Night Has a Thousand Screams. Prior to the release of that album, however, the vintage-horror-soundtrack-worshipping audio experimenter born Matt Hill will issue another record via the venerable Not Not Fun imprint.

Titled Confrontations, the seven-track release continues the artist's love affair with the sounds of John Carpenter and Goblin — something that's more than okay with us.

Touted as his third official full-length, Confrontations is a "slow-burn compositional model, building its evil temple brick by brick, basking in the tension of each new chiming, Carpenter-esque synth line or monkish doom Om for multiple measures before stirring the next substance into the cauldron," a press release reads.

It sounds pretty spooky, especially when you read song titles like "Dead Silent Morning," "Final Revelation" and "The Invasion." It's fitting, then, that Confrontations will arrive on October 30, just in time for Halloween.

UPDATE: As Not Not Fun has informed us, Confrontations has now been delayed until February 5.

From there, Night Has a Thousand Screams will be available on November 20.


1. Night Fantasy
2. Initial Revelation
3. Confrontation
4. Dead Silent Morning
5. The Summoning
6. Final Revelation
7. The Invasion