Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi Team Up as Law Unit for Death Waltz

Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi Team Up as Law Unit for Death Waltz
Synth specialists Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi have teamed up again for Death Waltz's Originals series, this time serving up keyboard compositions under the name Law Unit.

The label has revealed that the pair's debut as Law Unit will go on sale next week. Those who order directly from Mondo will get the release on "sunset pearl" vinyl, while the regular edition will be orange. Along with the vinyl, the record will also be released on CD and digitally. A cover, which you can see up above, has someone one peeking through a set of blinds at the static world outside.

UPDATE: It turns out that the Law Unit record is actually a repurposed and edited-down version of Umberto and Antoni Maiovvi's previous Death Waltz Originals release,​ The Hook and Pull Gang, not a completely new recording.

The collection has been teased during the last few months, with a press release from earlier in the year explaining that Umberto and Maiovvi's goal for the release was to move past "the retro-futurist works of their individual solo releases to explore a world of early industrial and experimental music." The set is said to showcase a mix of "dissonant synths," guitars, "harder beats" and ambient tones.

Apparently, "the cacophony at times is terrifying," with the press release also tying Law Unit's soundscapes to the dystopian feel of Blade Runner and Robocop.

You'll find the record's "Maria" in a video down below, while a sampler is streaming here.

Umberto and Maiovvi had christened the Death Waltz Originals series with last year's The Hook and Pull Gang, a grizzly tribute to '70s slasher flick The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.