The Ultimate Reality DVD Dan Deacon and Jimmy Joe Roche

B-more-based friends and Wham City members Dan Deacon and Jimmy Joe Roche exemplify the term "a match made in heaven.” With Deacon’s glitch-pop wizardry and Roche’s "splice ’em up” approach to visual art, the pair’s collaboration is sensory overload at its most colourful. Ponytail’s Jeremy Hyman and Videohippos’ Kevin O’Meara bring their duelling kits to Deacon’s live performance, which bleeds a rainbow of frenzied digital adrenaline. It’s Roche’s contribution that will get tongues wagging though. Collecting an assortment of clips from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s repertoire, Roche marries scenes from Conan the Barbarian, True Lies, Junior and Kindergarten Cop with psychedelic filters and warped effects that create the ultimate mind-fuck montage. Also in there is a bizarre and convoluted new Terminator storyline involving a pregnant John Connor and Bill and Ted’s Rufus that keep things interesting. But the most trippy element is the ending, which shoves the revolting Total Recall Siamese appendage right into your face. Plus: "The Crystal Cat” video, a Deacon/Roche collab from 2002.