UK Battle Rapper Eats Heart During Performance

UK Battle Rapper Eats Heart During Performance
Combining the skillful lyricism of hip-hop with the wit of stand-up comedy and the showmanship of wrestling, there's nothing quite like battle rap. A rising UK performer named Big Daddy Bleach took things to the next level, however, when he recently chowed down on a heart onstage.

As reported by Battle Rap, the rapper exclaimed, "You don't have a heart for this / But I've literally got a heart for this." He then sunk his teeth into a raw pig's heart and took a couple of bites. It all took place at the King of the Ronalds event "Bear Back" on May 2 in London.

Speaking with Battle Rap, Big Daddy Bleach said, "I did it for the fans. A lil something for them to laugh about. At the end of the day it's entertainment. As a rapper I'll explore ways to do that, I've had many more extreme ideas but that one wouldn't have ended too badly."

Journalist and rap battler Pete Cashmore was also in attendance. He offered the following statement to Battle Rap:

He didn't just eat into it, he did it twice. And the thing smelled disgusting, I picked it up at one point and held it and it smelled like fish guts. The reaction was, to my mind, the longest I've ever experienced at a battle in the U.K. People were gagging and retching and the whole time, there were these two huge chunks of pig heart on the floor, and still three rounds to go.

Just in time for lunch, watch Big Daddy Bleach break a heart with the footage below.