UBC Students Pay Tribute to Drake with 465 "Hotline Bling" Videos

UBC Students Pay Tribute to Drake with 465 'Hotline Bling' Videos
Here's something that'll definitely help Drake stop crying: over 2,000 students from the University of British Columbia have banded together to create 465 "Hotline Bling" videos.

That's right — not even Tom Mulcair or Donald Trump himself could kill the "Hotline Bling" dancing meme. Instead, students Hassan Packir and Colin Williams, with Noam Suissa, pulled an all-nighter to build their very own "Hotline Bling" set. They then purchased a bunch of turtlenecks and spent the first half of this week filming the clips.

In an effort to get Drake's attention (and possibly bring him to UBC), they'll spend all day tomorrow (November 13) tweeting the clips at Drake once every 90 seconds. If you want to keep track, you can follow the UBC Hotline Bling Twitter account here.

You can also catch a preview video below, where you'll see plenty of students having a hell of a time dancing to the song.

Now only one question remains — will this be the "Hotline Bling" meme to end all "Hotline Bling" memes?