Ubad "Reloaded"

The Blacklist crew has been putting in work on the Toronto scene for some time in a variety of endeavours, and this twelve-inch sees them getting back to business in the studio with two hard-hitting tracks. Having gained notice as a radio host, vocalist and spoken word artist, Motion returns to her most familiar role: on the mic. On "Trilogy," Motion is joined on the mic by two other MCs for an all too rare female posse track. Queens, NY, MC Apani B. Fly, who will be familiar to heads through Polyrhythm Addicts, Pharoahe Monch and her own solo work, like last year's haunting "A Million Eyes," kicks off the track with her forceful flow setting the tone over Power's propulsive beat. Motion herself holds down the middle of the track with her quick tongue while Montreal transplant Tara Chase, who now rolls with Toronto's Circle crew, adeptly brings things home in what is overall a furiously bold display of mic skills. The B-side finds Ubad issuing a raucous statement of intent on "Reloaded," with loose yet booming production again supplied by Power. A nice touch is the bonus track, "Bedtime Story," which with a couple of nods to Slick Rick, is aimed at dropping knowledge at the youth, critiquing the media and corrupt power structures, and underscoring the conscious vibe that has always emanated from this musical camp. (Blacklist)