U2 Biopic Killing Bono Heading Our Way

U2 Biopic <i>Killing Bono</i> Heading Our Way
While it may also be one of Mother Nature's New Year's resolutions, Killing Bono is definitely the name of a biography about Irish arena rockers U2. The book recalls the band's rise to fame from the perspective of Neil McCormick, a school friend of Bono's who tried with all his might to meet the same sort of success as U2. Now, the book is being turned into a movie.

According to The Playlist, the movie will begin shooting in Belfast, Ireland on January 11. The film's screenplay was penned by Across the Universe writers Dick Clement and Ian Le Frenais, with Prince Caspian himself, Ben Barnes, taking the lead role.

The original book featured a forward by Bono himself, so there is a chance that the egomaniac might grace the film with his deity-like presence. Of course, between talking out of his ass in the New York Times and getting sweaty with Swizz Beatz, he's been a little busy lately.

No word yet on when Killing Bono might hit the theatre.