U2 The DVD Collector's Box

Though they might look like high school media arts projects, these two unauthorised documentaries offer vague insights into the early days of U2. Boasting "exclusive interviews,” U2: An Unforgettable Journey features footage of the band throughout their career but its primary sources are early promoters, teachers and Irish journalists discussing the post-punk context in which U2 formed. The talking heads are generally dull and disengaging but the slight treat of the film is the compilation of somewhat obscure news and interview footage of the band. Similarly, Bono: God’s Favourite Son is a patchwork of barely interesting anecdotes from music fans and "insiders” with dubious connections to the singer. Featuring inconsistent sound quality and bare-bones camera work, these one-on-one interviews are dry and listless. Coupled with shoddy, amateur editing and graphics, they contribute to two of the most obviously misleading cash-grabs in recent memory. Plus: trivia; discography. (MVD)