Tyvek Return with Nothing Fits on In the Red

Tyvek Return with <i>Nothing Fits</i> on In the Red
Long-running Detroit group Tyvek released their excellent debut album last year following a string of equally great EPs. Since then, they've been touring endlessly with a brand new lineup, including a stint at this year's Sled Island festival. Anyone who saw them there knows they've got louder and tighter, replacing their previous sloppy lo-fi elements with raw punk. That new sound will carry over when they release their second proper album this fall.

The record is called Nothing Fits, and will be Tyvek's first release for the garage punk mainstay In the Red. The album features 12 tracks, and has a higher-quality sound than their previous output. This is demonstrated on the blistering track "Future Junk", which can now be streamed on In the Red's MySpace page.

No exact release date has been set for Nothing Fits, but rumour has it that it will be coming out this October.

Nothing Fits:

1. "4312"
2. "Animal"
3. "Potato"
4. "Future Junk"
5. "Nothing Fits"
6. "Outer Limits"
7. "Underwater"
8. "Underwater To"
9. "Kid Tut"
10. "Pricks In A Car"
11. "This One Or That One"
12. "Blocs"