Type O Negative's Bloody Kisses Gets Top Shelf Reissue

Type O Negative's <i>Bloody Kisses</i> Gets Top Shelf Reissue
Have you been too happy lately? Have you felt the dire need to drag your life back into spiralling depression? Do you need a soundtrack to painting your bedroom walls black and watching roses die?

Alternately, maybe you've been locked in that world for years and just need someone there. Someone who's always been stuck in the same state of emotional arrest. Like, say, Type O Negative's Peter Steele. He's a pretty uplifting dude when he's not crooning like a 78 rpm record playing at 33 1/3, right?

Well, all of you sun-haters will be morbidly pleased to know that the next instalment in Roadrunner Records' Top Shelf Edition series is Type O Negative's unforgettable 1993 opus Bloody Kisses. And it was released on May 5. It's waiting for you now!

Split into two CDs, the first disc features the album in its original incarnation. The second disc, though, really drags the skeletons out, kicking and screaming. With eight tracks, it boasts some remixes, cover tunes (Type O were always great at making Black Sabbath even more dreary and imposing) and the track "Suspended in Dusk," which was a bonus tune on the original digipack edition of the album. Truth be told, despite sounding so bleak, Type O Negative have a pretty sweet sense of humour.

The complete tracklisting for the Top Shelf Edition of Bloody Kisses is as follows:

CD 1:

1. "Machine Screw"
2. "Christian Woman"
3. "Black No1 (Little Miss Scare-All)"
4. "Fay Wray, Come Out To Play"
5. "Kill All The White Peoplev
6. "Summer Breeze"
7. "Set Me On Fire"
8. "Dark Side Of The Womb"
9. "We Hate Everyone"
10. "Bloody Kisses (A Death In The Family)"
11. "3.O.I.F."
12. "Too Late: Frozen"
13. "Blood & Fire"
14. "Can't Lose You"

CD 2 :

1. "Suspended In Dusk"
2. "Black Sabbath"
3. "Black Sabbath" (From The Satanic Perspective)
4. "Christian Woman" (Edit)
5. "Christian Woman" (Butt-Kissing Sell-Out Version)
6. "Black #1" (Edit)
7. "Blood & Fire" (Out Of The Ashes Remix)
8. "Summer Breeze" (Rick Rubin Mix)