Ty Segall Releases 7-inch with New Band, Fuzz

Ty Segall Releases 7-inch with New Band, Fuzz
As far as band names go, this one is pretty self-explanatory: Fuzz. That's the moniker of Ty Segall's new band, with whom he just released a 7-inch.

As Consequence of Sound points out, the single came out through Trouble in Mind Records and features the songs "This Time I Got a Reason" and "Fuzz's Fourth Dream." The entire run of 500 is already sold out.

In an announcement, the label describes the songs like this: "Two addictive & ferocious slabs of doomy fuzzed-out rock & fucking ROLL that break open the gates of Hades & lurch forward like rabid hounds of Hell! 'This Time I Got A Reason' & 'Fuzz's Fourth Dream' are both flaming embers of molten rock that evoke a serpentine head-banging & rage skyward on evil riffs like the red-headed stepchildren of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Jerusalem & Wicked Lady!"

While the announcement doesn't identify Segall by name, and refers to Fuzz as a "San Francisco mystery group," Beats Per Minute points to a live video (see below) that proves Segall is a member of the group, along with his guitarist, Charlie Moothart. Segall's involvement was also previously revealed by Spin.

Listen to both songs from the 7-inch and watch the aforementioned live footage below.

This news comes hot on the heels of an ultra busy year for Segall who released three albums in 2012 (one solo, one with White Fence, and one with his Ty Segall Band). Don't forget that he also has some reissues on the way.